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The Cabling and Stringing at Helios Substation



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Molalatladi Electrical
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Regions Northern Cape
Purchase method Request for Proposal


132kV Busbar Extension.pdf 20161107_Loeriesfontein Orange_EMP_JJ_V0.0.pdf 20180620 Std Conditions of tendering.pdf 20210217_ST_Environmental Requirements for Contractors - Suppliers_TPDMAN-ST-37 (003).pdf 20210602_ Covid-19 Checklist_TPDMAN-CS-170_ Rev2.pdf 20210811_TPD_Health Safety Specification_Loeriesfontein Orange_Rev5 (2).._ (5).pdf 20210812_PDP BRA Helios Substations Electrical Primary_Rev4_Corona virus 2.xlsx 20210824_Environmental Evaluation_-Rev0.pdf 240-105658000 QM58.pdf 240-12248652 Category2- List of Tender Returnables Documents Rev 6.xlsx 240-68099512 Form A 2020 Cat-2 Rev 8.docx 4e. Bacchus Cabling Technical Tender Evaluation Form - 2.xls Bay Layout.pdf C0 ECC3 Contract cover page.1.doc C1 1 ECC3 Offer Acceptance.1.doc C1 2a ECC3 Data by Employer.1.doc C1 2b ECC3 Data by Contractor.1.doc C2 ECC3 Pricing Data Option B.1.doc C3 1 ECC3 Employers Works Information.1.doc C4 ECC3 Site Information.1.doc Cabling scope.Helios Substation.pdf Copy of YYMMDD_Tender Number_Stage of Evaluation_SQM Scorecard Rev7.xlsx Feeder 6 Cable block.pdf Health and Safety Evaluation Template Rev 2.pdf Invitation to Tender - The Stringing and Cabling at Helios Substation Rev02 (002).pdf LOERIESFONTEIN ORANGE IPP - Stringing Cabling - BOQ.xlsx Notification - Clarification 01 - The Stringing and Cabling at Helios Substation.docx Staion Electric Diagram.pdf Stringing, Earthing & Erection-Specification(Helios).pdf
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