How to find construction subcontracting work?

  • Personal connections

    Always good to have but this channel won’t provide you with an ongoing orders' flow.

  • Online search

    Long process and you have to ensure that the quality of leads is satisfying manually.

  • Advertising

    Works perfectly but requires constant investment.

  • Bidding

    This way is very successful but won’t work for small companies and individuals.

  • Cold calling

    Only relevant if you have a qualified sales team and a lot of time.

Subcontracting requests

Construction companies interested in hiring subcontractors can publish subcontracting requests on the dedicated section of our website. When filling the form they specify the type of work, terms and requirements, and preferred type of communication (email, phone, or ContracTree website).

Winning bidders

Our service aggregates all the information on winning bidders - main contractors who have just signed agreements for construction services and supplies.

The terms of agreements should be followed very strictly, so the main contractors are often concerned about completing all the work on time and would rather outsource this partly or entirely. A timely and professional offer from your side may benefit your business a lot.

How to get started?

Be ready to tell about yourself
Target employers are already registered here, but how to make them notice you and prove that your company stands out? Grab some info yourself, show your past and current projects and be prepared for questions they might have.
Be patient
Stats show that normally it takes from 10 to 30 calls to get a subcontract. It all depends on the way you present your company and services and how persistent you are.

Option 1
Subcontracting requests

  1. Find a request

    The easiest way to get a contract is to browse the «Subcontracting requests» page. There you can find construction companies which are definitely interested in finding a contractor.

    • Select a relevant category or enter keywords to search for them.
    • Examine the requirements and check whether you can perform the work properly.
  2. Contact the contractor

    When submitting a request the contractor can choose the way he / she wants to receive feedback: via the website or by phone/email.

    If you leave a text message or send an email, make it simple and easy to read. Break down complex sentences into short ones.

Option 2
Winning bidders

  1. Find a suitable bid on Winning bidders. We update this list every day
  2. Examine the contract details to adjust your offer accordingly
  3. Prepare the pitch. Grab all the information about your company, projects, prices etc
  4. Get the phone number from our website and call a decision-maker. Arrange a meeting
  5. Meet in person and convince the main contractor that he / she should work with your company